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23Oct 2020

SPCAA Newsletter - October 2020

Dear Alumni,

We would like to bring you the following news and annoucements:

1. SPC Foundation Updates

Dear Fellow Alumni,

It has been a month since I gave you an update on the progress of the Fundraising Campaign and I am sad to see the pandemic is still with us. I would like to wish everyone health and stay healthy one more time.

Despite such difficult circumstances, all the subcommittees, which were set up according to the new structure of the Foundation, have started functioning. I have to thank everyone involved who have worked so diligently for the benefit of St. Paul’s, fully realising the spirit of “All for each and each for all”.

Speaking about our College Song, one senior alumnus told me recently that the first two words “Once again” have a special meaning. As we know, the St. Paul’s Boy’s school amalgamated with the Girl’s School to become a Co-educational School (as it stands today). In the 50s, a group of alumni from the Boy’s School days felt very strongly that the Boys School should be re-established. After a great deal of effort and struggle, their wish was granted and the current site on Bonham Road was chosen as the campus. “Once again” means once again the boys stood together shoulder to shoulder as students of the Boy’s School. It embodies the lofty aspiration fulfilled by the fighting spirit of our forefathers. The story has not been fact-checked, but it is a plausible and moving story which gives a logical explanation to why those words were used. However, I would like to hear from other alumni who may know the ‘true’ story behind it.

In closing, I would like to report another piece of uplifting news. We have a pledge of another 10 million dollars that would go towards the Endowment Fund. Let me appeal to you again for your continuous support of the School Enhancement Project. We still have a long way to go before we can reach our goal.

With regards,

Ian Chan Yau Nam (’67)
Chief Convenor
St. Paul’s College Foundation



2. Cancer fundraiser for Adrian Law (1981)

The SPC Alumni Association has been advised by alumni in Class of 1981 that Mr Law Pak Kin Adrian (1981) has been diagnosed with kidney cancer, and that his family is organising a campaign to raise funds for the required medical treatment. Please visit this link (, or contact one of these 1981 graduates for more information:
IP Pui Kee Kelly 9186 1555
Dr LIU Wai Ming Haston 2695 7822
LOKE Shee Ming 6771 7415
SHUM Cheung Hei 9099 9153
WONG Chi Joe 2810 3468



3. Be Connected with SPC

The College is building a database to bond closer with the alumni. This database will be maintained, protected and operated only by the school authority to update you regularly with the information about the College's activities and growth plans. To support the College's ongoing development, we would like to invite and encourage you to fill out the form at


4. Meeting Teachers & Class Reunion

The SPCAA would like to extend assistance to classes of alumni who wish to:

1) meet their past teachers; or
2) celebrate their quinquennial anniversaries in 2020.

Please contact the SPCAA by email ( for more details.

With regards,

Ray Poon ('07)
Honorary Secretary /

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