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13May 2020

SPCAA Newsletter - May 2020

Dear Alumni,

We would like to bring you the following news and annoucements:

1. School Enhancement Project Updates

Dear Fellow Alumni,

Since the kick-off of the School Enhancement Project, numerous gatherings were organized for alumni medical doctors, class representatives as well as parents in order to present to them the current status of the Project and the vision for the development of St. Paul’s. Active participation at these meetings led to constructive and valuable opinions for the Committee to consider. One of the ideas was to expand the diversity of family background by active recruitment of students from less privileged families. This forward-looking objective serves two purposes, to allow students from less well-off families an opportunity to enjoy a quality education at St. Paul’s, and to provide a healthy social environment for our students to grow in. To achieve our goal, an Endowment Fund will be setup with the financial resource mostly dedicated to help these students. We are happy to report that an alumnus, who chooses to remain anonymous, pledges a matching fund of 30 million to kick start the Endowment.

In view of the potential size of the Endowment Fund we have to manage, it is felt that streamlining the structure of the Foundation and revisiting its management is necessary to meet the demand for a new mandate. We will tap the talents of our alumni so that they can use their knowledge and experience to play an active role in the various functional committees. We welcome the recommendations from our alumni, members who are passionate about serving our alma mater.

For more details and further information, please contact me or my team by 852-25462248 or email to

With regards,

Ian Chan Yau Nam (’67)
Chairman, School Enhancement Project Fundraising Committee
St. Paul’s College Foundation

Fundraising Committee Members
Mr. Julian Lau (’75), Vice Chairman (Major Gift Group)
Mr. Alan Chiu (‘96), Vice Chairman (Alumni Group)
Mr. Sam Chiu (‘97), Vice Chairman (Special Group)
Mr. Simon Lai (‘90), Vice Chairman (Events)
Mr. Lawrence Lui (‘02), Vice Chairman (Public Relations)
Mr. Francis Hon (’92), Honorary Secretary
Mr. Ivan Lau (‘76), Honorary Treasurer
Mr. Wilson Cheng (‘92), Deputy Treasurer



2. News from St. Paul's

The new issue of News from St. Paul's will be published in July tentatively. You are invited to upload any news or updates of the alumni to the following link by end of this month.

Please upload the photos and WORD file content separably to ensure the photos are in high resolution.



3. Be Connected with SPC

The College is building a database to bond closer with the alumni. This database will be maintained, protected and operated only by the school authority to update you regularly with the information about the College's activities and growth plans. To support the College's ongoing development, we would like to invite and encourage you to fill out the form at


4. Meeting Teachers & Class Reunion

The SPCAA would like to extend assistance to classes of alumni who wish to:

1) meet their past teachers; or
2) celebrate their quinquennial anniversaries in 2020.

Please contact the SPCAA by email ( for more details.

With regards,

Ray Poon ('07)
Honorary Secretary /

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