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18May 2018

SPCAA Newsletter May 2018

Dear Alumni,

We are pleased to bring you the following news and annoucements:

1. Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting (7 July 2018)
Notice is hereby given that a General Meeting of the Association will be held on 1/F, Wong Ming Him Hall, St Paul's College, 69 Bonham Road, on the 7th of July 2018 (Saturday) starting at 2.30pm for the purpose of considering and, if thought fit, passing the following resolution:




"THAT the Association’s new Articles of Association, a copy of which has been tabled before the meeting and marked “A”, be and are hereby approved and adopted as the Articles of Association of the Association in substitution for the existing Articles of Association of the Association with effect from the date of approval by the Companies Registry and that the existing Articles of Association shall hereafter be cancelled and of no further effect."




Only a registered SPCAA member can vote at the EGM.  For non-member alumni who wish to vote on 7 July, please visit the SPCAA's website ( for a copy of the membership application form.  The form has to be completed and submitted to the SPCAA Secretariat ( by 21 June in order for the Committee to process and approve the applications on their meeting on 28 June.
A member entitled to attend and vote at the meeting may appoint a proxy to attend and, in the event of a poll, vote on his/her behalf.  Signed proxy forms should be submitted to SPCAA before 5 July.  Voting forms will be distributed to the proxies at the EGM.
There will be a Briefing Session that discusses and takes questions on revised Articles, which will be held on 2 June 2018 (Saturday) starting 2.30pm on 1/F, Wong Ming Him Hall, St Paul's College, 69 Bonham Road.  All alumni are welcome to attend, and no prior registration is needed.
The current SPCAA Memorandum & Articles of Association, the revised Articles, a presentation deck that highlights the major amendments to the Articles, and the proxy form are available for download via the following links:
Login: report
Password: 5dRBD7Ux8qoO

SPCAA M&A (1962)

SPCAA Revised Articles (Draft)

SPCAA Articles Amendments Briefing Presentation

SPCAA EGM Proxy Form


2. SPCAA Quarterly Dinner
Theme: World Cup 世界杯

Guest speakers:

- Chan Hiu Ming (class of 1992) 資深足球教練

- Everest Yiu (class of 2000) 著名體育主播


Date: 28 June 2018 (Thursday)

Time: 7.30pm

Venue: 銅鑼灣利舞臺21/F 利寶閣

Dinner Fee: $350

Person-in-charge: Francis Hon (9467 7434) and Ronnie Yeung (9653 2076)


For registration, please contact our part-time secretary Priscilla Fan at and 9491 9668.

3. SPCAA Committee Meeting
We are pleased to invite you to the coming Committee Meeting on:

Date: 28 June 2018 (Thursday)

Time: 7.00pm, before the Quarterly Dinner

Venue : 銅鑼灣利舞臺21/F 利寶閣

All members are welcome to sit in and express your concerns to the Association. 


4. SPCAA Chairman's Cup Alumni Basketball Competition 2018

This year's Basketball Competition will be held on 24 June 2018


There will be 12 teams, 6 senior teams and 6 junior teams.


Cost of each team will be $650.


Please deposit your basketball fee ($650) into St. Paul's College alumni Association HSBC account no. 026-108142-001 on or before 6 June 2018 and whatsapp your receipt to Chris Chow (9152 1516) to reserve your spot. First come, first served. 



5. Class of 1988 Reunion Dinner

The Class of 1988 will have their 30th Reunion Dinner at SPC School Hall on 14 July 2018 (Saturday).  Should you be interested, please contact the organizer by email at



6. News From St. Paul's

We are working on the next issue of "News from St. Paul's". We would love to hear from our alumni. Tell us about your latest reunion with your class, e.g. weddings, ballgames, or simply let us know your family news or career moves.

Please send us your news to by 31 May, or fill in the online Google form at . We look forward to hearing from you!



7. Updating Members' Record
We are in the middle of an exercise to update members' record. Not all the current records contain the full set of information including graduation year and contact details. In the coming few months, we will be sending individual emails to alumni who we are looking for more information.

Thank you in advance for your response. For enquiries, please contact Francis Hon at 9467 7434 /

And as always, if you want to make sure that we have your updated contact details, please write us at, stating your full name, graduation year, email, mailing address and contact number.


8. Class Reunion Dinners
The SPCAA would like to extend assistance to classes of alumni who are celebrating their quinquenial anniversaries in 2018.  Please contact the SPCAA by email ( for more details.

With best regards,
Michael Wong
Honorary Secretary, SPCAA

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