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11Mar 2020

SPCAA Newsletter - March 2020

Dear Alumni,

We would like to bring you the following news and annoucements:

1. School Enhancement Project Updates (March)

Dear SPC Alumni,

Last week, I was invited by SPCAA to be interviewed for a video clip to boost the morale of students doing self studies in such a difficult time. During the interview, I recalled the time when I was at St. Paul’s and the fond memories of life as a student then.

In 1962, I was promoted to the Secondary School from the Primary School. It so happened that the College was going through the first major reconstruction on the current premise to accommodate the increase from 2 to 6 classes per form. Due to insufficient classrooms, we had half-day classes on alternate days for a term. We had plenty of time to study on our own. We met to play football and go hiking on days off. We also spent time at the Central Library to study, borrow books and absorbed knowledge outside the curriculum. All these had been a most enriching experience that affects me for the rest of my life, self discipline.

Now that classes are suspended due to the threat of the coronavirus, I hope that everyone will make good use of all types of communication devices and softwares to discuss subject contents and even make plans for activities while at home. I still remember vividly on an evening 52 years ago when I spoke to my classmate Tang Bun over the phone and the conversation gave birth to the Joint School Science Exhibition. On the following day, we recruited another classmate Law Sai Kit, Alex (subsequently became chairman of the Exhibition) who immediately jumped in and a blue print of the event was outlined. It was the year 1968, still at the tail end of the social unrest in Hong Kong and the society has yet to recover from the turmoil. It was under this backdrop that we proposed to do something positive, something constructive for the College and our fellow students.

With the strong support and encouragement from our College Principal, Mr. Wells and the concerted effort of like-minded fellow students, we formed a team, visited and invited schools to participate in the Exhibition. In the end, we teamed up with nine other schools and organised the first Exhibition at City Hall. It was the first of any kind of Joint School event that amazingly lasts till today.

Looking back, we deeply appreciate the opportunity St. Paul’s gave us, allowing us to do something monumental, especially for secondary students. The freedom, independence and confidence are the spirit and tradition of St. Paul’s College. I sincerely hope that all alumni, teachers, students and parents will come together in support of the initiative to transform St. Paul’s from a good school into a great school.

“All For Each and Each for All”

With regards,

Ian Chan Yau Nam (’67)
Chairman, School Enhancement Project Fundraising Committee
St. Paul’s College Foundation

Fundraising Committee Members
Mr. Julian Lau (’75), Vice Chairman (Major Gift Group)
Mr. Alan Chiu (‘96), Vice Chairman (Alumni Group)
Mr. Sam Chiu (‘97), Vice Chairman (Special Group)
Mr. Simon Lai (‘90), Vice Chairman (Events)
Mr. Lawrence Lui (‘02), Vice Chairman (Public Relations)
Mr. Francis Hon (’92), Honorary Secretary
Mr. Ivan Lau (‘76), Honorary Treasurer
Mr. Wilson Cheng (‘92), Deputy Treasurer



2. Be Connected with SPC

SPC is building a database so that it can be connected with the alumni. We would like to invite and encourage you to fill out the form at


3. Meeting Teachers & Class Reunion

The SPCAA would like to extend assistance to classes of alumni who wish to:

1) meet their past teachers; or
2) celebrate their quinquennial anniversaries in 2020.

Please contact the SPCAA by email ( for more details.

With regards,

Ray Poon ('07)
Honorary Secretary /

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