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13Apr 2020

SPCAA Newsletter - April 2020

Dear Alumni,

We would like to bring you the following news and annoucements:

1. School Enhancement Project Updates (April)

Dear Fellow Alumni,

This is a moment that we did not precedent in today. The COVID-19 pandemic is having an impact on the health of our loved ones, daily class to our students, our education system and the economy of Hong Kong and worldwide. As we continue to respond to outbreaks and challenges, we would keep on our School Enhancement Project and the fundraising campaign.

During this crisis period, our students are affected due to school closure. They are staying at home and having online lessons. Our Project team will take this break to finish all the refinement of Phase One. We would also prepare for the Campaign Two which brings our students and teachers, staff and parents, the College and the public closer together by the new structures and rooms relocation.

Now, we also extend the Donors’ Wall to Phase Two and it will be on the walls outside the Conference Room. We would have more small plates, medium plates and large plates to commemorate the donations of HK$10,000, HK$100,000 and HK$ 200,000 respectively. Our donors who have donated for the plates since August last year will find their plates ready soon. After we have installed those named plates, we would only be able to provide 11 medium plates and 3 large plates for new donors. It would be our pleasure to welcome visitors when social distancing is no longer a norm.

For more details of the Donors’ Wall, please contact s by 852-25462248 or email to For our work in the Campaign, please visit our website and our Facebook page with our updated progress from time to time.

May I wish you the best of health in this turbulent time!

With regards,

Ian Chan Yau Nam (’67)
Chairman, School Enhancement Project Fundraising Committee
St. Paul’s College Foundation

Fundraising Committee Members
Mr. Julian Lau (’75), Vice Chairman (Major Gift Group)
Mr. Alan Chiu (‘96), Vice Chairman (Alumni Group)
Mr. Sam Chiu (‘97), Vice Chairman (Special Group)
Mr. Simon Lai (‘90), Vice Chairman (Events)
Mr. Lawrence Lui (‘02), Vice Chairman (Public Relations)
Mr. Francis Hon (’92), Honorary Secretary
Mr. Ivan Lau (‘76), Honorary Treasurer
Mr. Wilson Cheng (‘92), Deputy Treasurer



2. News from St. Paul's

The new issue of News from St. Paul's will be published in July tentatively. You are invited to upload any news or updates of the alumni to the following link by end of May.

Please upload the photos and WORD file content separably to ensure the photos are in high resolution.



3. SPCAA Committee Meeting Minutes

The minutes of the sixth and seventh 2018-20 Committee Meetings are now available for members' view. Please use the passwords below to access the files.

6th Meeting (27 Nov 2019)
Password: [refer to email]

7th Meeting (12 Feb 2020)
Password: [refer to email]



4. Be Connected with SPC

The College is building a database to bond closer with the alumni. This database will be maintained, protected and operated only by the school authority to update you regularly with the information about the College's activities and growth plans. To support the College's ongoing development, we would like to invite and encourage you to fill out the form at


5. Meeting Teachers & Class Reunion

The SPCAA would like to extend assistance to classes of alumni who wish to:

1) meet their past teachers; or
2) celebrate their quinquennial anniversaries in 2020.

Please contact the SPCAA by email ( for more details.

With regards,

Ray Poon ('07)
Honorary Secretary /

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