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SPCAA Newsletter June 2014 2014-06-09
Dear Fellow Alumni

Greeting! We would like to let you know the following:

1. Chairman's Cup Alumni Basketball Competition (22 June)

The SPCAA Chairman's Cup 2014 is now open for enrolment!

Date of this year's competition is 22 June 2014 (Sunday) for both Prime Group and Youth Group.

Due to time and playground constraints, the maximum number of teams admitted for the entire competition is 24 teams, first come first served.

Please send an email to Ms. Priscilla Fan (priscilla.fan@alumni.org.hk) to request for an application form and the rules & regulations.

2. Monthly Simon's Happy Hour (10 June)

- DATE: 10 June 2014 (Tues)
- TIME: 7:00 - 9:00pm
- VENUE: L16, Hong Kong Park

For enquiries, please contact Andrew Chan (9791 2331) or Alan Chiu (9837 0692). We hope to see you at the gathering!

3. Mentorship Programme - High Table (28 June)

Mentorship High Table Dinner - the mentors and the mentees will gather to share a formal dinner which aims to offer the mentees a social learning experience. Details of the dinner are as follows:

- DATE: 28 June 2014 (Sat)
- TIME: 7:00pm
- VENUE: Club Lusitano (16, Ice House Street, Central, Hong Kong)
- DRESS CODE: Lounge Suit or Formal
- PRICE: $390 (pay when arrive)

Due to the overwhelming response, the deadline of registration for MENTORS will be 9th June. After that, the Dinner will be open to ALL alumni. Please feel free to contact us at spcaamentorship@alumni.org.hk or SPCAA part-time secretary Ms Priscilla Fan at 94919668 / priscilla.fan@alumni.org.hk for any enquiries.

4. SPC Primary School - A Tour in the Summer (5 July)

Due to the overwhelming response last year, we plan to organise a tour to the primary school for alumni again this year. The date of the tour is 5 July 2014 (Sat) at 2-4pm. Gathering point is G/F., SPCPS Multi-purpose Room. For enquiry or registration, please contact Mansell Chan at mansellchanwinghung@gmail.com.

5. Beijing Alumni Dinner

The date and venue of the monthly Beijing alumni dinner in June will be confirmed soon. For enquiry and registration, please contact Sherman Leung at Fiona-JJ.Chen@cn.ey.com or Andy Law at lawwaihin@hotmail.com.

6. Alumni Choir CD Project

The SPCAA Alumni Choir will be producing a music CD that records the winning songs SPC has sung in the past Schools Music Festivals. The first recording, featuring 5 of the favourite songs, has taken place on 26 April. Here is the recording of one of the songs, 滿江紅: http://youtu.be/yP_nNsTijC4

The second recording will be on 5 & 6 July, and the school choir will also take part! If you wish to join this exciting project, please contact our Choir Members Coordinators, Ekman Chak at 9698 1488 and Tommy Liu at 9049 0964, or to refer to the Alumni Choir Facebook page for more information.

If you are not getting the regular choir emails and want to be in the loop, please also let Ekman or Tommy know.

7. Class of 1974 Reunion (4 July)

This is an invitation from the Class of 1974:

我們都是聖保羅書院1974年中五畢業生, 時間飛逝,轉眼間,我們畢業已近40年了。

自從分開那天起,我們天各一方、分散各地,為了自己的事業、家庭各奔東西。可是,“保羅生活” 及“同學”這個詞卻是永久不能忘記的。

我們希望有機會和各同學再聚首一堂,懷緬學生時代的美好時光。我們已定在2014年7月4日 ( 74年畢業班) 19:00 在 the Club House of J Resident, 41/F, 60 Johnston Road, Wanchai 舉行我們畢業40周年聚會, 我們也盡量邀請老師們出席, 熱切期望您們能踴躍參加, 並且把信息傳遞開去,使更多老同學能夠參加。

人生有幾多個四十年, 親愛的同學們,讓我們珍惜這次難得的機會, 讓我們一起回顧吧!

發起人: 繆志財,余葉根,李世強,鐘國流, 葉炳超,

聯絡方法,請電 :繆志財(90221210),余葉根(95412170),李世強(92571004),鐘國流(90318351),葉炳超(91207128)

With regards

Francis Hon (1992) | Andy Law (1998)
Vice Chairman and Hon. Secretary | Deputy Hon. Secretary
9467 7434 francishon@alumni.org.hk | 9500 8586 lawwaihin@hotmail.com
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