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Dear Fellow Alumni

Greetings! We would like to let you know the following:

1. Simon's Happy Hour (12 November)

- DATE: 12 November 2013 (Tues)

- TIME: 7:00 - 9:00pm

- VENUE: L16, Hong Kong Park

For enquiries, please contact Andrew Chan (9791 2331) or Alan Chiu (9837 0692). We look forward to seeing you there! Go Paulines!

2. Watermelon Cup 2013

Watermelon Cup 2013 football games will be held on Sundays 17 Nov 2013 (Prime Division) and 24 Nov 2013 (Youth Division) at SPC Lower Playground.

Thank you for your support and participation, all the 24 slots for teams have been filled up. Fixtures have been announced on the Facebook, and details will be communicated separately to the team leaders

All are welcome to come back to the school to show support to their favourite teams!

3. SPCAA Ball 2013 (14 December)

SPCAA is bringing back the tradition of organising a Ball for the alumni and their spouse and friends. The theme of the Ball will be A Night in Shanghai (]W), and we will recreate the Metropolitan with her modern extravagance and turn-of-19th-Century subtlety. We will provide best live music, delightful cocktail, fine wine and food, exciting programme, and of course a stylish and elegant dancing pool for the evening.

- DATE: 14 December 2013
- TIME:8:00pm to 11:00pm (cocktail session will be commenced at 6:30pm)
- VENUE: The Aberdeen Marina Club
- DRESS CODE: Formal Attire
- TICKET PRICE: HKD1,500 / person

Early Bird Discount up to 31 October 2013: For those who would like to purchase a full table (12 person), it will be HKD17,000 / table.

For enquires, please do not hesitate to contact Andrew Chan, Chairman of the Ball Committee, at 9791 2331 or Andy Wong, member of the Ball Committee, at 9281 5973.

4. Preston Wong Memorial Service at Stanley (26 October)

A Mini Memorial Service will also be held to pay tribute to the Founding Group Scout Leader, the late Mr. Wong Shiu Pun Preston, of 10th HKG Scout, 70 years after his sacrifice in the Second World War.

- DATE: 26 October 2013(Sat)

- TIME: 17:00

- VENUE: Stanley Military Cemetery

Preston Wong was a vice-principal and scout leader of the school before WW2. During the period of Japanese occupation in Hong Kong, Preston joined the British Army Aid Group to asist the British army against the Japanese. Unfortunately, he was arrested by the Japanese army and put into jail in 1942, and executed in 1943. His contribution to the school and 10th HKG and his sacrifice for the defence of Hong Kong are always remembered by us.

For enquiry, please contact Ken Cheung at kenckcheung001@yahoo.com.

5. London Alumni Gathering (19 October)

The monthly London dinner will be held on 19 Ocober 2013. For registration and details, please contact Horace Yu at +44 7774260316 / +852 9855 8572 / ho.yu11@imperial.ac.uk.

6. Golf Day (6 December)

The next golf day will be held on 6 December 2013, at Sai Kung Kau Sai Chau, followed by dinner. Cost for the event and the meal is $1,300. For registration and enquiries, please contact our Golf Directors Anthony Ng (anthony@atc.hk / 9467 0982) or Chris Chow (messagechris@gmail.com / 9152 1516).

With regards

Francis Hon (1992) | Andy Law (1998)
Vice Chairman and Hon. Secretary | Deputy Hon. Secretary
9467 7434 francishon@alumni.org.hk | 9500 8586 lawwaihin@hotmail.com
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