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2003 Jul 2005-01-01

St. Paulfs College Alumni Association News

c/o St. Paulfs College 69 Bonham Road, Hong Kong (Attn: Mr Raymond Fu)

July 2003

Dear Members,

The SARS is over! After some restoration work, it is time for us to meet and share our experience together.

It is our greatest pleasure to have Dr the Hon Lo Wing-lok (ҥüij) (F.5 1972) and Dr Lai Sik-to () (F.5 1968) to come to our monthly meeting and share with us their first hand, front line and absolutely insider information. No one can afford to miss this chance to talk with them! Details of the meeting are as follows :

Date : 31 July 2003 (Thursday)

Time : 7:00 pm (we will start on time as there are two speakers)

Venue : The Hong Kong Medical Association

(Central Clubhouse)

2/F, Chinese Club Building,

21-22 Connaught Road Central, Hong Kong

(Opposite to Exchange Square)



2003 Honours List

Congratulations to alumni Hon Lau Kong-wah (B) and Dr the Hon. Lo Wing-lok (ҥü) for their appointment as Justice of the Peace on 1 July. We would also like to congratulate our senior member Mr Yip Yeuk-lam (YL), who has been awarded a Bronze Bauhinia Star (BBS). We have now more and more alumni receiving honours and awards for their contribution to Hong Kong.

Looking forward to seeing you on 31 July!

(Vincent Fung)

Vice Chairman
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