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Dear fellow alumni,


At the commencement of the new Administration of HKSAR, the alumni community continues to have our fair share on all aspects in public service -

Professor Lau Siu Kai (1966) continues to be the Head of the Central Policy Unit

The Hon. Tsang Tak Shing (1966) has been appointed as Secretary for Home Affairs

Archbishop Peter Kwong (1958) has been awarded the Gold Bauhinia Star

Mr Ma Ho Fai (1968), former SPCAA Chairman, has been awarded the Silver Bauhinia Star

Dr Ho Chung Ping (1967) has been awarded the Medal of Honour

Dr Liu Kai Ming (1971) has been awarded the Chief Executive's Commendation for Community Service

Mr Wong Chi Cho (1981), Mr Howard Lee (1984 F7) and Hon. Tsang Tak Shing (1966) are appointed as Official JP, while Mr Stephen Ip (1968) is appointed as Non-official JP after his retirement from public service.

Congratulations to all of them!!


The upcoming happy hour will be held on 10 July at 7pm at the Fringe Club. No matter you wish to make some new alumni contacts, talk with the boss of the Fringe Club (who was a teacher of SPC decades ago!!), or comment on the new SAR Government, you are most welcome to join and have some beer together!!

With best wishes,

Vincent Fung
Chairman, SPCAA
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