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2003 Oct 2006-01-01
St. Paul’s College Alumni Association News
c/o St. Paul’s College 69 Bonham Road, Hong Kong (Attn: Mr Raymond Fu)

October 2003

Dear Members,

Thanks to Jeffrey Pak, Chairman of SPC Primary School Parent Teacher Association, we had had a good update on the latest development of our primary school on 9 October 2003. The Alumni Association also took the opportunity to donate $20,000 to the Parent Teacher Association for purchasing anti-mosquito device for the young kids at primary school.

Racing Nite

Racing fans of the Alumni Association will have a chance to test their tips! The Alumni Association has reserved a casual booth in Happy Valley Racecourse at 7.00 pm on 29 October 2003. Price is only $25 (food cost not included). Please call Albert Wong (黃偉文) at 9095 3814 or Miss Lam at 2548 5425 to register. First-come-first-served!

Visit to HK Wetland Park

We originally planned to visit the HK Wetland Park in April 2003. Owing to SARS, the trip had been postponed.

Thanks to Edward Wong’s ( 王卓基) effort, we have rescheduled the visit to 7 December 2003 from 9.00 am to 2.00 pm. We will have a morning visit to the Wetland Park, then go to 元朗大榮華酒家 to enjoy local food. Price is $200 per head (including food and transport). Please call Miss Lam at 2548 5425 if you are interested. Again, first-come-first-served!

Annual General Meeting

The next meeting will be our AGM. It will be held on 22 November 2003 at 7.00 pm at Lei Po Kok Restaurant (利寶閣酒家), 18/F Lee Theatre Plaza (利舞台廣場18樓). We have invited many teachers, especially Mr and Mrs Too, to be our guests of honour. Mahjong facilities are available, and spouse/children are welcome. Price is only $180 for adults and $120 for children. Please call Miss Lam, our staff, at 2548 5425 to reserve seats.

(Vincent Fung)

Vice Chairman
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