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Alumni Choir sang at St. Paul's Church for Advent 2014-11-30
On 30 November, more than 20 alumni choir members together with some students from St. Paul¡¦s College were invited to St. Paul¡¦s Church to sing and celebrate Advent.

During the service, the Revd Canon Ian Lam Sau Fung shared an anecdote that closely linked to the history of St. Paul's College and St. Paul's Church. The early part of the Church structure was a chapel originally built for the St. Paul¡¦s College students for worshiping during the weekdays, both morning and evening prayers. As most students went home for weekends, the clergies then successfully asked for the permission to use the church for people living around the area for worshipping on Sunday. In fact, one of the priests who was driving this to happen was none other than the headmaster of St. Paul¡¦s College Revd. A. D. Stewart. Since then, many prominent clergies who served at St. Paul's Church were graduates of SPC. Hence, for SPC alumnus and students, coming back to St. Paul's Church is indeed a homecoming!
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