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Dr. Kennard Leaving the College 2014-05-14
Dear fellow alumni,

The College Council had just announced that Dr. John Kennard, the Principal of St. Paul's College, will leave the College at the end of coming August. He will depart Hong Kong to take up his new role as Principal of the The British School, Warsaw, Poland.

The SPCAA are much appreciative of Dr. Kennard's supports and friendship offered to the SPCAA over the past 8 years. He tirelessly participated at and supported many of our organised events - annual Mentorship Program, annual Spring Dinners, the Alumni Concert 2012 and the Alumni Ball 2013, and many of us would remember fondly his fine speeches updating us on new developments of the College.

In particular, the Mentorship Program and the Summer Concert 2013 were the highlights which demonstrated the close cooperation between the College and the SPCAA. As an alumni body, we treasure the opportunities to assist our alma mater and her students in achieving higher goals. Dr. Kennard had facilitated this and has brought the College, alumni and students closer as one St. Paul's family.

I would like to thank Dr. Kennard for his contribution to the alumni community, and on behalf of the SPCAA, I wish him all the best in his future endeavour.

Yours truly,

Taylor Hui
Chairman, SPCAA
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