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Fund-raising Appeal - The 2013 Gala Dinner 2013-10-24

The aim of the St. Paul's College Foundation Limited is to seek donations to provide a first class learning environment for our boys in both the Primary School and the College. We are delighted to announce that our Primary School has been relocated to a green site on Victoria Road. The site offers a lot of potential for further expansion including increasing the number of classes, construction of state-of-the-art sporting facilities and well-equipped learning centres. With your support, we can achieve greater goals.

The 2013 Gala Dinner is the major fundraising appeal that we are currently running for the Primary School development. It will be held on 15th November 2013 (Friday) at 6:30p.m. in the new school hall of the Primary School. You can support us by

  • buying tickets for the 2013 Gala Dinner
  • providing sponsorship for the dinner
  • making a donation to the Foundation

For parents and friends of St. Paul's, the Gala Dinner is an opportunity to visit the new Primary school. For our alumni, this provides a great occasion for reunions with fellow schoolmates and classmates. We ask that you book your ticket(s) early. Please indicate in the sponsorship form below your support and return it, together with a cheque made payable to "St. Paul's College Foundation Limited", to the Foundation Secretary, Miss Josephine Ho. (Address: 69 Bonham Road, Hong Kong; Tel: 2859-8441; Email: spcfoundation@spc.edu.hk)

Your support means a lot to us as well as the student body of St. Paul's College. We thank you in advance for your generous contributions.

reply slip; ticket $1500 each

Download Sponsorship form



  • 購買晚宴入場券
  • 為晚宴提供贊助
  • 直接捐贈基金會


請從速訂購是次晚宴入場券,並在表格上清楚列明您的支持項目,連同劃線支票抬頭「聖保羅書院基金有限公司」一併寄回香港般咸道69號,基金秘書長何桂明小姐收 (查詢電話:2859-8441,電郵:spcfoundation@spc.edu.hk)。


reply slip; ticket $1500 each


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