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Chairman”¦s Report 2012 2012-12-27

St. Paul”¦s College Alumni Association ”V Chairman”¦s Report 2012

Dear fellow alumni,

Welcome to the 2012 Annual General Meeting of St. Paul”¦s College Alumni Association (SPCAA).
When Vincent Fung, my predecessor prepared his 2011 Chairman”¦s Report, the Dinner Organizing Committee under my lead was working in full swing to organize the 160th Anniversary Grand Celebration Dinner. The Dinner was completed with a great success, with 200 tables of alumni and friends celebrating another milestone of our Alma Mater. I wish to thank Vincent for his guidance, and Alan Chiu and the OC members for the great efforts in organizing the dinner.

Year 2012 is the year following the 160th Anniversary, but it is by no means less eventful for the SPCAA. In November we staged the first ever Alumni Concert at Youth Square, Chai Wan which paid tribute to our beloved music teacher Revd. Mosses Wu. Thanks to the leadership of Francis Hon as Chairman, Julian Lau, Colin Lau, Keith Wong and Anthony Cheng, the dedication of Alumni Choir and other performing organizations, and the hard work of the 30-people committee, the dedicated Choir who went through more than 3 months of regular practices, we managed to attract a full house of 650 audience as well as 150 performers. The Concert celebrated our great music tradition and we hope to organize more events in future. Earlier in the year, a Spring Dinner was steered by Ranson Lai, Colin Lee, Simon Lee and Joe Li, and the event attracted a good number of senior alumni.

On a more regular basis, we have our monthly happy hour gatherings, with around 40 alumni sharing drinks and thoughts each time. Anthony Chiu, Ken Cheung and Reuben Wu have been most dedicated in making sure the Watermelon Cup, the Chairman”¦s Cup and the Principal”¦s Cup are providing great opportunities for alumni to enjoy football and basketball games at the College. Anthony Ng and Chris Chow steered the effort of organizing golf outings. Darren Lam, Sam Leung and many of the younger alumni have also worked hard on the Mentorship Scheme in conjunction with the College, which brings alumni and F.5 / F.6 students together. I am grateful for all the organizers and participating alumni, for making life in the alumni community diversified and colourful. We are also happy to have Prof. Lee Ngok (1958), and our primary school headmistress Mrs Yvonne Chan as our guest speakers in our dinner gatherings in May and August respectively.

As one of our focus this year, Anthony Cheng, Andy Law and many alumni had helped co-ordinating overseas gatherings. I started up the Beijing monthly dinner gathering back in March, and now it has been run on the third Wednesday of each month attracting a table of full of alumni residing in Beijing. I also took the opportunities of my summer holidays and business trips to visit alumni in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and London, where in each location there were dinner gatherings organized. There was also a gathering in Singapore. I hope in each of these cities the alumni will continue to meet and the SPCAA will lend supports.

Looking ahead to 2013, we are planning another major event ”V alumni ball. Annual SPCAA ball has been memorable event for many senior alumni, and we are hoping to revive the tradition. Andrew Chan is now assembling the organizing committee. Philip Chiu and his editors are now making their final dash to finalize the new history book, and we will be able to read the final product soon. We will of course continue with our regular activities such as Happy Hour, sports events, music events and mentorship programs. We will also be strengthening our connections with alumni, whether young or senior, local or overseas.

I would like to thank all other committee members and helpers, Ms Priscilla Fan as our part-time assistant especially the ”„logistics team”¦ who did all the behind the scene work relating to our daily operations to oversee IT, facebook and website (Alvis Ko, Anthony Cheng and Simon Lee).

I would like to thank Vincent Fung, who passed on the baton of the Chairmanship to me in February 2012. In his 6 years as Chairman, the SPCAA has built up a strong governance tradition and a clear vision. He has also overseen many major events and developments, such as the 160th anniversary dinner, as well as the establishment of a strong working team of young alumni. I wish him all the best and trust he will continue to give us valuable advice and support on his role as the Immediate Past Chairman.

Despite all these positive notes, I cannot help but remark that 2012 is also a sad year for the SPCAA. Mr Wong Chung Ying (1936), former SPCAA Chairman and SPC Council Member, had sadly passed away in early April, at the age of 94. Our thoughts are with his family and friends. And Mr Simon Lee (1996), a dedicated member of
SPCAA and an enthusiastic organizer of the 160th Anniversary Dinner, Alumni Spring Dinner and many other activities, has passed away on 14 April 2012. He was 33. His devotion and laughters will always be remembered. We re-named our monthly happy hour gatherings after him, as Simon”¦s Happy Hour, with great fondness.

In closing, I am proud to say that SPCAA is one of the most active alumni bodies of secondary schools and our work has won the appreciation from all stakeholders. We shall continue to do our best to serve our alumni community and maintain a close connection to and lend supports to St. Paul”¦s College, our Alma Mater.

Taylor Hui
Chairman, SPCAA
(Class of 1985)

December 2012

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