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Mr John Eynon passes away 2011-11-15
It is with sadness that we inform the alumni of the passing away of Mr. John Eynon, who taught in St. Paul's in the 60's.

Mr. Eynon came to Hong Kong as a fresh graduate in 1960 from the UK and taught English and History in St. Paul's. His dedication to his teaching profession, care and concern for the welfare and well being of the
students touched all, including the toughest and naughtiest among the students.

He came to Singapore and taught in Dunman High School and established the same reputation as a dedicated teacher. When he was due to retire in the early 80's to return to the UK, he made newspaper headlines here by
tearing up his plane ticket at the airport. He was so moved by the large group of students and colleagues who were there to say farewell to him, he decided to stay on and continue teaching in Singapore.

He eventually retired and continued to do voluntary work for the church.

Unfortunately, his memory became progressively weak and he spent the last years in a home for the aged.

An alumnus visited him from time to time but he had difficulty in recalling or remembering things. Old St. Paul's boys who visited Singapore also dropped by to visit him, and cheered him up greatly by bringing ice cream, his favourite.

All of those who had been taught and influenced by him would remember him fondly. He is truly Teacher Extraordinaire.
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