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SPCAA COMMITTEE 2006-08 2014-10-27
At the AGM held in Oct 2006, 49 committee members were elected. Vincent Fung (馮浩賢, 1983) will continue to serve as chairman for another term. Geoffrey Chan (陳啟民, 1971) Anthony Chiu (招錦柱,1971), Johnny Li (李發中,1977), Edward Wong (王卓基, 1981), Taylor Hui (許揚, 1985) and Philip Chiu (趙必立, 1994) are elected as vice-chairmen. Hon. Sec. is Francis Hon (韓以亮, 1992), Hon. Treasurers are Johnny Li and Tommy Liu (廖大任, 1989) . Alan Chiu (趙必匡, 1996) is the Mentorship Director, Anthony Ng (吳重佳, 1975) and Terence Law (羅錦雄, 1977) are Golf Directors.

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