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We're now organising for the Mentorship Scheme 2008-09, and would like to invite you to be mentors.

We're now into the 4th year of Mentorship Scheme. It is a forum for SPC alumni and F.6 students to share life. The exchange is bi-directional. Students will get to know more about things around adulthood, and alumni will have the chance to know the minds of teenagers.

With great support from the school, inauguration ceremony, high table dinner and mentorship group meetings will be organized. If you are able and willing to spend a bit of your time in sharing life with our F.6 students, we invite you to consider joining as a mentor.

For enrolment and further information, please contact Darren Lam at SPCAAmentorship@alumni.org.hk, on or before 10 October 2008 (Friday).
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