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Chairman’s Report 2016 2016-12-21
St. Paul’s College Alumni Association – Chairman’s Report 2016

Dear fellow alumni,

This year we celebrate our Alma Mater’s 165th Anniversary. It has proven to be a very busy year for the Alumni Association.

Alumni Choir
The alumni Choir had a busy year starting with a singing tour to Macau University on 20 February to participate in one of their concerts. They again organised a Mid-autumn Festival three days singing tour to Chiu Chow on 16-18 September. They shared the stage with the high quality Shantou Choir in one the grand theatres. Both tours were very well attended, especially the Chiu Chow Tour we had two bus load of happy singers and families. It was also a food and cultural tour. There may be another one next year to South East Asian countries.

Guangzhou Cultural Tour
On 27 February, we organised a two day Guangzhou cultural tour for around 30 alumni and families. We had a taste of old Cantonese food and visited many important historical sites. The highlight of the tour was to visit the graveyard of our prominent alum Wu Tingfang, who dedicated his life’s work for Hong Kong and China. In future, we hope to organise similar family events like this. Some alums had suggested to go as far as Dunhuang to view the ancient wall paintings.

Spring Dinner
The traditional Spring Dinner was held on 5 March at the School Hall. This event had attracted more than 150 alumni and families to attend and we also invited many retired teachers to celebrate the Year of the Monkey with us.

Education Sub-Committee
On 16 April, we organised an education exchange tour to Guangdong to visit a well- known local school and an international school. The SPCAA Education Sub-committee was formed a few years ago, which attracts alumni who are in senior teaching positions to contribute thoughts for the well-being of the College’s students. We meet regularly with the College’s management to exchange ideas.

Quarterly Dinners
In the May quarterly dinner, we invited Prof. Lau Siu-Kei to give an analysis of current political landscape, particularly this is an election year for Legco. In the August quarterly dinner, we invited Mrs Yvonne Chan, who retired this year as our primary school headmistress and Mr Michael Mak the new headmaster as our guest speakers to update us on the developments of the primary school. They also talked to alumni who are future and current parents of the primary school about school admissions details. It was a very well attended event.

Mentorship Scheme
This is our 12th years that we organise this program with the College. Many of the younger alumni Committee members had worked hard on the Mentorship Scheme, which brings alumni and current F.5 students of the College together to share life experience and career paths. Mr Dane Cheng (1981), Director of Cathay Pacific was the guest speaker at the annual High Table Dinner at Zetland Hall. Mr Cheng gave an inspiring speech and talked about his business career. We also organised Mentorship Scheme Inauguration event and Careers Day at the College.

Fund Raising for Mr Thomas Cheung
On 21 June, we were heartbroken to saw the news that Cheung Yiu Sing, Thomas, a firefighter and an alum from the Class of 2003, passed away on duty while fighting a fire in Ngau Tau Kok. The Committee immediately posted on our website to plea for donations for his surviving family. Thanks to the alumni community we raised over HK$2 million, and we had passed the donations to his widow on 11 July after the donation period was closed.

165th Anniversary Celebrations
We formed an Organising Committee, comprising 80 alumni volunteers, over a year ago to work on the grand Dinner and related creative projects. The OC members certainly upheld our St. Paul's spirit – 團結認真, 自由創新.

On 25 September, the OC organised the first 10KM Sponsored Run to kick start our 165th anniversary celebration and to raise funds for St. Paul's College Foundation. We started from Bishop House in Glenealy, Central, where our Alma Mater's first campus was situated since 1851, and ran to our present Bonham Road campus, then finished the journey at our new Primary School campus in Victoria Road. It represented our past, present and future.

The day's event was captured on film and a MV was premiered on 8 November at UA Cinema in City Plaza. It was a stars studded event with many prominent alumni attended in raising profile for the College in media and its celebration events: Exhibition Day, the Concert, the grand Dinner and the Carnival (11.02.2017). At the same night, we launched our History Book –中國。香港。聖保羅: 165年的人與時代 , published by the Alumni Association. A series of news reports followed, again raising College’s profile and its heritage. It took 22 alumni editors in our History Team 7 years to complete this 467 pages book with more than 200,000 words. What an achievement that was, particularly they are all volunteers who gave up their free time.

As part of the 165th celebration, the SPCAA Football Team invited three boys schools’ alumni teams for a friendly tournament on 20 November. Our College’s principal Mr Dennis Yuen presented the prizes.

On 6 December, our 80 men strong Alumni Choir participated in the St. Paul’s College 165th Anniversary Concert – “Celebrating Our Heritage”. It was a fantastic concert, with premiere of 3 pieces of original work commissioned by the College, including a musical Eastern Odyssey. It was a story of our past principal Bishop Joseph Hoare and prominent alum Yeung Ku-wan. The program notes state, “The self-sacrificing acts of Bishop Hoare and Yeung Ku-wan have truly manifested the 4 great core values of St. Paul’s College’s – Justice, Honour, Truth and Virtue.”

The 165th Anniversary Celebration Dinner was held on Sunday 11 December 2016 at the Grand Hall of HKCEC. We had nearly 190 tables booked with over 2,200 people to celebrate our Alma Mater’s 165th Anniversary. Thanks to the OCs, the Alumni Choir and the all alumni professional MC team, the music band groups who made the Dinner so memorable.

Sports Events
On 29 January, the golf committee organised the 165th Anniversary Golf Challenge. Despite the weather was bad on the day before, our group of golfers took journey. We were then blessed with good weather on the day and had a very good day out.

On 13 March, we held the second Supermelon Cup inviting the class finalists in the previous year’s regular Watermelon Cup in both senior and youth categories to enjoy a day of exciting final matches.

Basketball Chairman’s Cup held on 17 April involving both senior and junior classes of alumni. These events provide good opportunities for alumni to enjoy competitive football and basketball matches at the College.

The popular Watermellon Cup competitions have been postponed to January 2017. The SPCAA Football Team continue to be active with more than 100 members who held regular matches against other friendly teams. The SPCAA Running Team was also active and recently organised regular trainings.

Monthly Happy Hours/Overseas Dinners
Our monthly Simon’s Happy Hour gatherings prove to be a very popular event, which regularly attracts more than 30 attendees. In the summer months of July and August, we attracted many young alumni who are in university studies overseas. We also tried to have theme gatherings with different professions. The Beijing, Shanghai and London alumni groups continue to have regular dinner gatherings.

Looking ahead, we will soon be revamping our website.

What a year we had and this must be the busiest year ever! We had done so many landmark events that no other have attempted. The Alumni Association could not have accomplish all these without your support. We take pride that the Alumni Association is one of the most active and successful secondary school alumni bodies in Hong Kong. We shall continue to do our best to serve you and our Alma Mater, St. Paul’s College.

Taylor Hui
Chairman, SPCAA

17 December 2016

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