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15Dec 2018

Chairman's Report 2018

St. Paul’s College Alumni Association

Chairman’s Report 2018



Dear fellow alumni,


It has come to the end of the year, and as Chairman of the SPCAA Committee, I am pleased to present the Chairman’s Report 2018 to all of you.


The AGM 2017 and Quarterly Dinner

On 10th December 2017, we held our AGM at 4pm at Wong Ming Him Hall. Chairman’s report and Treasurer’s report were passed in the meeting and we also appointed our auditor for the year 2017-2018.

After the meeting, we were glad to have invited Mr. Thomas Tso Man Tai (曹萬泰) from the Class of 1969, who is the Former Director of the Beijing Office, HKSAR (前駐京辦主任), to be our guest speaker. He shared with us on the topic of living, working and retiring in mainland China.


The Principal Cup

The Annual Principal Cup Basketball match was played in the lower playground of the College. Alumni and teachers played against each other and the match was another successful event.


The Alumni Football Team

We began 2018 with the football matches organised by the Alumni Football Team.    The Watermelon Cup held on 7th, 21nd and 28th January were also much enjoyed by Alumni.  Thank you for the Alumni Football Team, led by Dr. Alan Law (1984).


The Mentorship Scheme

The Mentorship Scheme, which brings alumni and current F.5 students of the College together, held its inauguration in January 2018.  A series of events including Careers Day, gathering drinks, and the newly introduced “Coffee with Mentors” were planned for our students to enhance their understanding of life planning. Based on the success of the University Info Day initiated by the Mentorship Committee, this year we organised “Info Day Dinners” at three Universities (HKU, CUHK and UST) where students were able to meet with alumni professors and graduates of these respective universities.


The Alumni Bridge Team

The Team participated in a monthly bridge competition, Open League, organized by the Hong Kong Contract Bridge Association (HKCBA). Thank you Ronald Hui (1990) who organised the team.


Winter Olympics and the Spring Dinner Our traditional Spring Dinner which was held on 11th February at the School Hall.  This event had attracted more than 100 alumni and families, and we also invited many retired teachers to celebrate the Year of the Dog with us.  Thanks to the Events Committee’s dedicated team members, led by Simon Lai (1990) and Anthony Cheung (1998), we ran another successful dinner.

The Winter Olympics were welcomed by many alumni which aimed at raising funds for the College Foundation. Campus Orientation, Tag-of-war, hockey experience, football matches, 3 on 3 basketball matches, bridge competition and FIFA 2018 electronic games competition were held on campus and the day was crowded with alumni and families taking pleasure in the activities.


The Overseas Alumni Group

The Bay Area alumni organised a spring dinner on 3th March 2018 in Foster City. Thanks to Dr. Fredrick Wong (1988) and Mr. Tenny Doone (1968).

Alumni in Ontario, British Columbia and London are also active in gathering alumni in the respective areas to enhance SPC brotherhood. For more information, please email


Education Sub-Committee

Ronnie Yeung (1992) continues to head up the Education Sub-committee, which attracts alumni in senior teaching positions to contribute thoughts for the well-being of the College’s students.  The destination of the Education Study Tour 2018 was Shenzhen this year, on 24th and 25th November. The delegation (including Principal Mr. Dennis Yuen) was well received by secondary and primary schools. STEM education and project based learning were explored. Regular meetings between experienced alumni educators and the school management were also been held to exchange ideas in the education sphere. Special thanks to Tse Sik Yan (1966), Ronnie Yeung (1992) and Vernon Wong (1998) for organising these fruitful trips and meetings for us.


History Sub-Committee

The SPCAA History Team and the History Department of SPC continued to work closely together on School History and history education for our young boys. Thanks to Ken Cheung (1994) and Philip Chiu (1994) to have led the team.


The Alumni Talks Series

The Alumni Talks Series have continued under the leadership by keen alumni, Mr. Tenny Doone (1968).  Dr. Thomas Lai (1968) and Dr. Michael Sze (1968) shared their respective experiences in Hong Kong and North America on “Medicine: Education, Practice, Hong Kong vs. N. America” on 21st January 2017 (Saturday).  On 24 June 2017 (Saturday), the Alumni Talks Series  with the Mentorship High Table Dinner to invite Dr Chris Lau Yun-Fai (1968) and Dr Norman Woo Ying-Shiu (1968) as our keynote speakers. They shared their life stories, paint snapshots of their careers, and contrast the life of a research scientist in Hong Kong against being abroad in aspects such as education, student life, academic environment, research climate, career path, experience, and more. 


Collaboration between SPCCA and Christian Mission for Visually Impaired Persons

The Community service team has been actively supporting the volunteer group of Christian Mission for Visually Impaired Persons, which many of our visually impaired alumni are active members of the mission. On 21st April 2018, a Sports fair co-organised by SPCAA and the Mission were held on the primary school campus. Over 200 alumni, families members and visually impaired persons attached the carnival. Funds were raised for the Mission. Alumni, parents and performers are well appreciated for the contribution to the community. The group was also happy to have supported the volunteering event2018視障關懷暖在心」關懷行動 by Christian Ministry to Visually Impaired Persons on 24th November. Alumni volunteers joined other visually impaired volunteers in visiting different groups including elderlies and new immigrants.



Chris Chow (1997) and Kevin Poon (2002) organised sports events and training for the Alumni Community.  Regular Running training sessions were also arranged by Kevin Poon.  The Chairman’s Cup Basketball Match was held on 24th June 2018 and the Principal’s Cup on the coming 20th December are going to provide great opportunities for alumni to enjoy competitive basketball matches on the College campus. Class of 1994 has won the title of champion in the last three years and the Cup was given the class permanently for their achievement. My congratulations to the class.


The Alumni Homecoming Basketball League

An alumni basketball league were also launched this year by Wong Shui Lun (1995) and Billy Yu (2007). Six teams joined the league and matches were held every six weeks within the 2018 calendar year. The final was staged in SPC lower playground on 9th December 2018. where we invited our vice principal, Mr. Keith Wong, our favourite basketball coach, to be our guest of honour in the prize giving ceremony.


Quarterly Dinners

On 28th June, we invited Mr. Chan Hiu Ming (1992) and Everest Yiu (2000) to share with us the insight for the upcoming World Cup. In the August Quarterly Dinner, we invited our Primary School headmaster Mr. Michael Mak as our guest speaker to update us on the developments of the School.  He also talked to alumni who are future and current parents of the School about school admissions and the qualities of the students that are being sought.  


Primary School Visit

The SPCAA has carried on in organising an annual visit to the Primary School this year on 14th July (Saturday) for SPC alumni and their families.  School representatives and alumni from SPCAA guided visitors around the campus, while sharing their experience as alumni and parents. Our sincere thank you goes to Philip Yeung (1986) ,Keith Lau (1988) and Simon Chan (1993) for their invaluable sharing.


World Cup Final Viewing

We are glad to be back to school for the World Cup Final Viewing. It was organised on the 15th July 2018. It was a first event in the kind to be run. Over 100 alumni and families came back and enjoyed the broadcast.


The Alumni Choir

It is the Alumni Choir visited Sun Yat Sen University on 16th and 17th November 2018. A performance were staged on 17th November.


Articles Review

The Alumni Association has review the Articles of the Association which was incorporated in 1962. Several areas were updated and it was supported by alumni to have our new articles modernised. Special thanks to Ricky Tam (1989), Francis Hon (1992) and Michael Wong (2003) for the hard work. Valuable advices were given by Ivan Lau (1976), Johnny Li (1977) and Herbert Auyeung (1991). My heartfelt thanks for their contribution to the Association.


Fund Raising Campaign

As many of you may know, the college is undergoing its largest Campus Enhancement Project since 1960s. There are certain areas which our fellow alumni can contribute, namely fund raising and project consultation. I do encourage my fellow Paulines to be proactive in contributing to these aspects. Dr. Ian Chan, former SPCAA Chairman, has kindly accepted the invitation to be the Chairman of the fund raising committee. I strongly encourage our alumni to be united under Dr. Chan’s leadership to help to bring our alma mater to a new era. Please do not hesitate to contact me or any of our committee members if there is any enquiry. Please do not be absent in building our common future!


Regular Council Representatives reports

Under the St. Paul’s College Ordinance, 4 members from SPCAA are representing us in the College council, including myself as a ex-official member. From 2017, we are having council members reports in our committee meetings which brought transparency of the council work to our alumni. My sincere thank you to Prof Patrick Lau (1961)and Antonio Ching (1975) who were actively contributing to the Special Projects Committee and Vincent Fung (1983) was sitting in the Education Committee and the Primary School Committee. I have been taking part in the Finance Committee and Education Committee to reflect alumni’s opinions in the council.


I would also like to thank the professional service from our Hon Secretary, Michael Wong (2003), our Hon Treasurer, Raymond Ho (1995), for improving transparency and accountability of the association in the past two years.


Looking ahead, I am proud to say that the Alumni Association is one of the most active alumni bodies in Hong Kong.


Last but not least, we shall continue to do our best to serve and be a close ally to our alma mater.


Alan Chiu

Chairman, SPCAA

15th December 2018

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