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05Dec 2018

AGM 2018 Proxy Form

Please find the 2018 AGM Proxy Form here:

/f/page/361/872/SPCAA_AGM 2018_Proxy Form.docx


Submission deadline for Proxy Form is 16:00 on 13 December 2018 (Thursday).


As it stands, the number of vacancies on the Committee which is to be filled by election at the 2018 AGM is 25. It is increased from 18 which was previously communicated on 26 November 2018, because more resignations were received in the time elapsed. Out of the 25 Committee members allowed by the Articles to remain as Committee members, 15 of them would stay. Hence the remaining 25 seats are to be filled by election.


25 members are seeking to be elected. A list of the candidates are also on the proxy form.


For enquiries, please email


SPCAA Secretariat

5 December 2018

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